Semiotics between Time and Space

By Christoph Klemmt.

Published by The International Journal of Arts Theory and History

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Historically there have been various artistic attempts to relate sound and space, or sound and image, and attempts to create one based on the other. Many of the works have been on an emotional level, where it has been attempted to recreate the personal feeling of a piece in one medium by the means of another medium. However there have also been attempts to apply the same compositional tools to works in the different disciplines, or to transform a work from one medium into another by means of specific transformation rules and principles. The work of architects at Orproject, the author’s office, is specifically interested in the latter, in order to transform music into architecture and vice versa. To gain an understanding of how those transformations can happen, and to judge their success in the creation of architecture, this paper analyses different translations between sound and form from a semiotic perspective. The theories of Charles Sanders Peirce and Nelson Goodman are used to analyse the different results and the different ways in which those translations can be achieved. Applied to the work of Orproject, the analysis is then used to judge the relevance of using music as a means for architectural form finding.

Keywords: Architecture, Music, Orproject, Anisotropia, Design, Sound, Algorithmic, Digital, Semiotics, Peirce, Goodman, Notation, Klee, Mussorgsky

The International Journal of Arts Theory and History, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp.69-83. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 551.090KB).

Christoph Klemmt

Director, Orproject, Beijing

He is director and co-founder of Orproject. Christoph Klemmt graduated from the Architectural Association in London in 2004. He has worked amongst others for Tezuka Architects, Lab Architecture Studio and Zaha Hadid Architects. In 2008 he co-founded Orproject, an architect’s office specialising in advanced geometries with an ecologic agenda. He has lectured and given workshops at the Architectural Association, Nottingham University and the University of Wuppertal. Most recently he has been teaching at the AA Visiting School and at the Tsinghua Parametric Summer School in Beijing. Orproject has exhibited at the Palais De Tokyo in Paris, the China National Museum in Beijing and the Milan International Furniture Fair. The work of Orproject has been featured world-wide in magazines and books such as Domus, Frame, FT and Spacecraft.