Singing High Colours and Low Colours: Investing in Narratives of Deep Listening

By Lorna Ramsay.

Published by The International Journal of Arts Theory and History

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As a musician, I look toward phenomena of everyday experience as data for aesthetic reflection and embodied voice in tones of a flutist, poet, photographer, and educator expressing living, knowing, learning, and teaching. My inquiry critically interprets narrative processes in teacher education while evoking transformative spaces of deep listening and re-hearing in multi-tonal embodied texts. I demonstrate these processes as a classroom teacher challenged by Arthur, a student whose social behavior shows signs of Asperger’s Syndrome, but whose special voice emerges through shared times of silence and musical improvisation. I invite redefinition of the teacher/student relationship, questioning teaching practices in aesthetics and pedagogical spaces while inviting critical discussion of autism with researchers in neuropathology and identity perceptions in arts education, music psychology, and music sociology.

Keywords: Narrative Inquiry, Embodiment, Voice, Aesthetics, Reflexivity, Teacher Education

The International Journal of Arts Theory and History, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp.41-50. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 869.458KB).

Dr. Lorna Ramsay

Instructor, Faculty of Education, Arts Education, Simon Fraser University, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I am a musician, poet, photographer, and educational researcher with experience in Special Education. My arts-based inquiry as an artist/learner/educator means researching my embodied voice through narratives of many imaginative and vulnerable portals around borders of identities that blur structures of accepted and expected schemes of learning. I obtained my PhD in Arts Education, Simon Fraser University, Canada, May, 2009. I have instructed in the Faculty of Education at SFU and I am a mother of four sons.